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VMBA Annual Awards

Bill Axselle Lifetime Achievement Award

In the words of the of the first winner of this award, Boyd Allison, “Bill Axselle was the legal counsel for legislative efforts of the VMBA for over two decades and was a tireless advocate, never at a loss for a solution to the many legislative issues our industry faced. His ability to bring differing sides together was amazing as witnessed by those lucky enough to have worked with him.” The Bill Axselle Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2018, prior to Bill’s death, as a way to honor him and his contributions to the VMBA and our industry.  Nominations for this award are solicited from VMBA members, then voted on by the VMBA Board of Directors.  It is awarded each year at the VMBA Annual Meeting during Annual Convention.

 2018 Boyd Allison
 2019 Janice Burgess 
 2020 Stan Vickhouse (awarded posthumously) 
 2021 Jim Cain
 2022 Mary Ann Maxwell Musselman

President's Award

The President’s Award is given to someone who has been an integral part of the VMBA during the current President’s tenure, whom the President feels is deserving of recognition for their contribution to the association or mortgage industry.  It is awarded each year at the VMBA Annual Meeting during Annual Convention.

 2002 Janet Ahl
 2003 Patty Beasley
 2004 Boyd Allison
 2005 Kelly Gasko
 2008 Boyd Allison 
 2010 Jerry Mabry
 2011 Brandon Ramsey
 2012 Richard Owen & Anna Clay 
 2013 Rob Heltzel
 2014 Janet Ahl
 2015 Boyd Allison
 2016 Kellie Steger
 2017 Ric Segovia
 2018 VHDA
 2019 Steve Chilton
  2020  Steve Chilton
 2021 Michael Ullmann
 2022 Dan Kern

Alex McCrone Award

The Alex McCrone award is given to the person who embodies the overall spirit and vision of our association. Alex was a long-time secretary of the association.  The award is given each year at the VMBA Annual Meeting during Annual Convention.

 1995  Boyd Allison
 1996 Jane Tyndall 
 2002 Toni Ostrowski
 2003 Dottie Acampora
 2004 Margaret Sutherland
 2005 Janet Ahl
 2006 Boyd Allison
 2010 JG Carter
 2011 Boyd Allison
 2012 Emily Farley
 2013 Chip Glover
 2014 Sarah Stedfast
 2015 Rob Arthur
 2016 Patti Dickerson
 2017 Kevin Darcey
 2018 Steve Chilton
 2019 Boyd Allison
  2020  Lindy Pond
 2021 Jessica Fitzgibbons
 2022 Jason Kilgo

VMBA Past Presidents

 1963 Claude R. Davenport, Jr.
 1964 Claude R. Davenport, Jr.
 1965 C. Wiley Grandy
 1966 Kenneth I. Doran
 1967 Kenneth I. Doran
 1968 Richard L. Millner
 1969 William J. Leonard
 1970 Leo J. Gilman
 1971 S. Spencer Edmunds
 1972 Donald B. Vaden
 1973 Edward T. Briner
 1974 Richard J. Davis
 1975 Carlton P. Moffatt, Jr.
 1976 Thomas P. Nicholson
 1977 Ernest W. Turnbull
 1978 James L. Seaborn, Jr.
 1979 A. Robert Henkle
 1980 Donald N. Belote
 1981 Bobby L. Conner
 1982 Max W. Foore
 1983 Philip M. Stewart
 1984 William Larry Wallace
 1985 James H. Johnson, Jr.
 1986 Donald L. Ward
 1987 Paul S. Reid
 1988 Harold Brooks
 1989 George E. Moore
 1990 Jaime N. Austria
 1991 Barbara Chauncy
 1992 Mark S. Kittrell
 1993 H. Michael Hinker
 1994 Phil McEwen
 1995 Stan Weisberger
 1996 McKim Beale
 1997 Mary Ann Musselman
 1998 David Gilbert
 1999 Stan Vickhouse
 2000 Sarah Stedfast
 2001 Jim Cain
 2002 Margaret Sutherland
 2003 Steve Rockefeller
 2004 Toni Ostrowski
 2005 Frank Malbon
 2006 Linda Melton
 2007 Fay Silverman
 2008 Dotty Acampora
 2009 JG Carter
 2010 Brandon Ramsey
 2011 Jerry Mabry
 2012 Rob Heltzel
 2013 Brian Holland
 2014 Rodney Word
 2015 Ric Segovia
 2016 Emily Farley
 2017 Rob Arthur
 2018 Chip Glover
 2019 Chip Beveridge
 2020 Clavis Smith
 2021 Nate Smith
 2022 Kevin Darcey

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